steveI only ever wanted to be a professional musician. Having been born in Liverpool, it was either that or a professional footballer. No matter how hard I practised at both, pretty good was all I achieved. Pretty good doesn’t earn you enough to live on and so both pastimes became just that, with football becoming Rugby as I continued to grow.

I still play music in local bands and really enjoy performing and writing our songs.

I always loved the outdoors, hiking, skiing and travelling to remote areas and it was on those trips that my absolute love of wildlife took over as the main focus for any holiday opportunity.

It was on one of these trips, an adventure in the Arctic in July 2007 that my new passion was kindled.

My wife and main photographic mentor and tutor, Judith and I were on the trip that was led by Paul Goldstein, in my opinion one of the most caring and creative wildlife photographers practising today. We came upon family after family of Polar Bears, different aged cubs, lone males etc. This went on for 48 hours without a break. Long lenses were constantly pointed in bear direction with the sound of shutters applauding the bear’s every move. I watched and watched and watched, and then the eureka moment happened, Judith gave me her spare camera. It was a Nikon D70 with a 70-300 lens. I switched it on, after a brief tutorial from Judith and a wave of sarcasm from Paul, ( Canon user) and I was off. The resulting images, were………….terrible. Anything that could be done wrong, I did wrong but the flame had been lit.

Work pressures, with our business continued to take their toll for the next few years and it was 2012 before I could devote any constructive time to Photography. The resulting images, of some of my trips, since then, are here for you to see and I hope that you like them. I intend, in the future, to write a few, hopefully helpful blogs, which will give you some insight into my gear, technique and processing. I would love to receive any comments that you have regarding the contents of this site.

Finally I would like to mention our good friend and fellow photographer Moira Norrie,, who basically set this web site up for me